KM Spices and Seasonings
is proud to bring you
Uncle Kurt's Seasonings,
an extremely versatile set of Salt Free and Sea Salt based seasonings that can be used with every meal. Whether your food is barbequed, baked, broiled, fried, or heated in the microwave it gives your food that extra flavor you've been waiting for!!


Just look at what a few of our satisfied customers are saying about our products.

"I started out by putting Uncle Kurt's Gourmet Sea Salt on my french fries, now I put it on absolutely everything!"
-Stacy A., Portland, OR

"When I barbeque I love using Uncle Kurt's Gourmet Sea Salt on my meats, nothing else adds flavor like that!"
-Robert B., Salem, OR

"I think the Smoked Chili Rub is going to be one of my favorites.
Lori made mexican rice with it in it and it was awesome!"
-Eric S., Centrailia, WA

"The seasonings worked out GREAT! Everyone LOVED them. Mom is a convert to the Garlic Blast and asked for some for Mother's Day!"
-Suzanne H., Kirkland, WA

"The Hot Pepper Flakes I use all the time to boost the heat in my serving of a family dish. It's a must have!
Garlic Blast is handy and has full garlic flavor.
I've found the Cajun Seasoning is very nice on vegetable groups like steamed foil packs, potatoes, stews, and soups."
-Michael D., Salem, OR

"I discovered a new use for Uncle Kurt's Gourmet Sea Salt: On thin sliced potatoes and baked in the oven.
They were so good that I actually had to make second batch!"
-Liz T., Seattle, WA

"The spices are yummy. Got sent a large sample of your spices to Indiana and we got to indulge in them. They were very good. I especially liked the Gourmet Sea Salt."
-Julie E., Indiana


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